Wellness Classes/Black Out Strength

Our very targeted program designed to meet you at your level, wether you are a true beginner or an elite athlete, we will take you to the next level. This program will increase your overall fitness and wellness. Classes 6 days per week, programming also available for competitors. Programming is provided in an app to preview and log workouts/weights.

Women’s Weightlifting

Are you new to working out and not sure where to start?
Are you intimidated by going in to the gym and not sure what to do?
Try our new Beginner Weightlifting Class!
In this fun class you will learn how to safely and effectively lift weights, primarily dumbbell and body weight movements, with proper form and technique.
The class will run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 PM.
You may choose this membership with or without nutrition coaching.
We will make this the best hour of your day, and want to help you change your life!

Open Gym

Swipe in anytime. We’re open 24/7. Workout on your own and follow your own program.

Kids Class
In this fun class, your child will learn how to safely and effectively lift weights. Strongest focus will always be on proper form and technique, all while having fun learning new skills. They will build a strong foundation in fitness that will last a lifetime. Give your child the confidence they need to perform their best. All skill levels welcome, let our expert coaches tailor this class to your child’s specific needs. Ages 12 and up.


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