Jacked 24/7 Fitness Club

At any given moment, you have the power to say, “This is not how this story is going to end.”

Our Services

Jacked Fitness Club offers a wide range of services, from group classes, complete wellness memberships to include nutrition education and coaching, personal training, 24/7 gym access, nutrition services, unlimited tanning, and CrossFit

Our Training

Meet with an expert nutrition coach and personal trainer, or CFL-1 Trainer in our 24/7 gyms. Your coach will create a simple and sustainable plan just for you. We focus on accountability & motivation to help you reach your goals.

Our Nutrition

All you need to meet your nutrition goals. We will set up a plan that works for you! Have more energy, sleep better and feel better! Our Nutrition Programs are written and backed by a Registered Dietitian!


Our Memberships

State of the art fitness, training, and tanning facilities. Group fitness classes, Complete Wellness Memberships, Nutrition Only, and CrossFit available! These are 24/7 swipe card buildings, train no matter when you are available.

Our 3 Step Training & Nutrition Coaching Process

Getting Started is easy!

Step One


There is a lot of mixed information when it comes to exercise & nutrition. At Jacked, we are here to help  formulate a custom plan that works for you!

Step Two


Meet with an expert nutrition coach and trainer in our gym. Your Coach will create a simple and sustainable plan for you. At Jacked, we focus on accountability & motivation to help you reach your goals.

Step Three


Transform your body & mind with the ongoing support and accountability of your coaches. Plus our members are also very supportive and encouraging of each other as well.

Hear it from our clients!

“The very first month of joining I could not only see but feel the difference! I had so much more energy and felt amazing! Within the first month I was back in pre-pregnancy jeans! This program is not something temporary. It makes you create a whole lifestyle change that best fits your life. It’s super easy and fun to follow along with”


Our current class schedule for VIP’s,  CrossFit, and Wellness memberships.

**You must have a CrossFit or Complete Wellness Membership to attend the CrossFit Classes

5 amCrossFit
6 amCrossFit
9 amCrossFit
 4:30 pm HIIT Strong
 5 pm Tumbling
 5:15  pmTrain Insane
 6 pmCrossFit
5 amCrossFit
6 amCrossFit
9 amCrossFit
5:30 pmButts and Guts
6 pmCrossFit
4:30-5 pmHIIT Strong
5:00-6 pmTumbling
5:15-5:45 pmTrain Insane
6:15-7:30 pmYoga (Vinyasa Level 1)
5 am CrossFit
6 am CrossFit
9 am CrossFit
5:15-5:55 pm Boxing
6 pm CrossFit
6 -7:15 pm Yoga (Mixed level Vinyasa)
5 amCrossFit
6 amCrossFit
8 amCrossFit
9 amFREE Class-no experience required
10 amOLY program, must be enrolled

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